Sunday, 13 May 2018

Pretoria girl in need of urgent surgery

‘If a scoliosis repair is not done urgently, death is certain’.

A 16-year old East girl needs urgent surgery to correct her deformity or she would die, good Samaritan trying to raise funds for her has said.

Chanelle van der Merwe, a nurse, met scoliosis sufferer Bianca Fourie recently during her many hospital visits and was touched by her family’s plight.

The scoliosis had caused a 130° curvature by March “that it was impairing her lung capacity leading to breathing difficulty”.

“If repair is not done urgently, death is almost certain. She is already using supplement oxygen at home,” said Van der Merwe.

She would need to be hospitalised for two to three months during the corrective procedure, which would cost at least R 7 00 000.

She’s not on medical aid, and her parents have exhaust available resources already.”

Van der Merwe said the family needed urgent assistance to fund the procedure.

She said besides the deformity Bianca was an intelligent and healthy person who deserved a chance at life.

“She is such a vibrant and intelligent person, life can’t afford to lose her.”

Bianca Fourie

Bianca Fourie in hospital.

Bianca Fourie

Bianca Fourie

Bianca Fourie

Bianca Fourie with her brother Jaundre.