Saturday, 1 October 2016

Dr. Mike Albert performs 1st spine surgery with Band-LOK technology: 5 quick thoughts

A surgeon performed the first spine surgery using Band-LOK's pedicle-sparing polyester band spinal technology.
Here are five quick thoughts.

1. Mike Albert, MD, performed the spine surgery using Band-LOK technology at Dayton (Ohio) Children's Hospital.

2. The Band-LOK system uses polyester bands and instrumentation to treat bone pathologies, like scoliosis.

3. During the case, Dr. Albert used Band-LOK's Tether Clamp System for neuromuscular scoliosis measuring 90 degrees.  

4. Band-LOK received a U.S. patent for the technology in November 2015.

5. Band-LOK is a Waxhaw, N.C.-based developer of orthopedic technologies. The company marketed the technology through a licensing agreement with Warsaw, Ind.-based OrthoPediatrics.

"The case went exceptionally well; demonstrating the versatility, simplicity and power of the band to correct severe spinal deformities. The system performed flawlessly, gradually correcting this large spinal deformity with no bone or band failures," said Dr. Albert.

Source : Beckers Spine , 20th Sep 2016 

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