Saturday, 14 October 2017

Flexpine Research Center, Specialized in Spinal Scoliosis, is Starting to Bloom in the Healthcare Innovation Park, Seoul National University Hospital Building in Bundang

Flexpine Orthosis is receiving spotlight as Flexpine Research Center which supplies customized medical devices relocated to Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang last year. Based on thorough research and studies mutually performed in the Healthcare Innovation Park at Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang, the Flexpine Orthosis is spotlighted as an alternative medical treatment for its minimized discomforts and effectiveness in treating scoliosis.
Located on the 4th floor of Healthcare Innovation Park at Seoul National University in Bundang, the Flexpine Orthosis Research Center is a healthcare center which utilizes detailed body measurement information and 3D printer to produce an accurately designed order based orthosis.
A percentage of patients being treated with conventional scoliosis orthosis complained for the discomforts when wearing the stiff braces. The patients to bend the upper body in order for adequate exercises, the conventional sedentary orthosis devices created certain discomforts when bending because the stiff devices are composed of hard plastic. Also, the sedentary devices hardly allowed for the patients to move, which means that the patients cannot simultaneously wear the device and perform spine adjustment exercises, which is an essential part of rehabilitation.
On the other hand, Flexpine Orthosis utilizes flexible and hard plastics for necessary parts along with elastic bands, which facilitates easy wearing and allows the patients to perform spine adjustment exercises simultaneously.
Flexpine Orthosis Research Center plans to export its products worldwide after going through patents and medical approvals.
Flexpine Research Center is a South Korean company which aims to make reasonably wearable medical devices with 3D printers. Flexpine Brace 0is light, wearable, and unshowing to others when seen outside. It can also be a genuinely helpful and effective brace who wants a comfortable device for scoliosis rehabilitating journey.
Flexpine Research Center offers an excellent experience for detailed body measurements, product trial and x-rays scans.

Source : Digital Journal , 12th Oct 2017 

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