Sunday, 20 August 2017

International Conference of Spine Surgeons begins in Thiruvananthapuram

Former president of Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI) and Indian Orthopedic Association Dr S Rajasekaran said that spinal disorders constitute one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. More than eighty percent of the adult population experience a back or neck pain attributable to a spinal condition during their lifetime. He was speaking at the three-day International conference on Spine health and Care which began at the Leela Kovalam here on Friday.

Eminent Faculty from across the country and abroad, including researchers and experts in treatment of Spinal disorders and interventions started deliberations on a wide spectrum of spinal conditions, latest scientific and technological advancements in the field and the best treatment methodologies. The conference is organised by the Trivandrum Spine Society along with Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI), one of the largest professional organisation of Spine Surgeons globally.

"Unhealthy lifestyle and work conditions have led to a high prevalence of these problems in India. Spinal disorders have a direct adverse impact on the productive years of life. He reiterated that these need to be addressed as a public health issue. It is all the more important to be aware that that most conditions are treatable non-surgically and surgically with good long term outcome, Rajasekaran said. Dr. K.V.Menon, organising chairman and Dr. Ranjith Unnikrishnan, organising secretary spoke in the inaugural session.

The conference is giving special focus on long term outcome of different spinal treatment modalities. Dr. Ranjith Unnikrishnan, spine specialist at KIMS Hospital Thiruvananthapuram said that human spine, subjected to daily stress, loses flexibility and discs start degenerating. People should make conscious effort to ensure that their day to day activities do not take a toll on their spine subjecting it to unusual and undesirable wear and tear. Health sector need to create awareness so that people with recurring back pain, aches and joint stiffness would come forward for proper diagnosis and corrective treatment at an early stage.

The conference, on its first day, saw case studies and deliberations on treatment options for spinal conditions mostly affecting adults and those in aging process like wearing down of Inter Vertebral disc (Degenerative disc disease), shrinking and narrowing of spinal canal (Spinal Stenosis), Disc prolapse, Spinal arthritis, Degenerative Spondylosthesis (vertebra slips forward due to weak joints and ligaments of spine and loses alignment) and Compression fractures.

The three-day scientific sessions include talks, workshops and seminars on surgical and minimal invasive options for all major conditions affecting spine including Spinal Trauma, Infections, TB spine, Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression fractures, Tumors, Thoracic Disc Herniations, Paediatric Spinal Deformity, Adolescent Scoliosis, Supra Axial Spine and Adult Spinal deformity.

Some of the leading international faculty attending the Conference are Dr. Kyung-Soo Suk, Professor Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Yonsei University, Korea, Jong-Beom Park, Professor and Director of Spine Surgery Department of Orthopaedic surgery, The Catholic University of Korea, Dr. Jin Sup Yeom, Proffesor, Department of Orthopaedic surgery, Seoul National University, Korea and Dr. Senthil T. Nathan, Special Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dubai.

Source : Times Of India , 11th Aug 2017 

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